Solidus Systems airsystems consist of a custom shaped air core, pump system, and remote control.



The air core developed by Solidus Systems is customizable to the users wish.

spacer fabric

Spacer Fabric

Solidus Systems’ 3D Spacer Fabric is deliverable in any shape. This way, Spacer Fabric will always fit your needs.



Solidus Systems creates and produces products as wished by clients.


It’s a pleasure to meet you…

Solidus Systems was founded in 1994 by Gerhardus Jager. Initially, Solidus Systems primarily focused on bed textiles and from there the company build a solid network of trustworthy suppliers. In 2000, Solidus Systems started focusing on products that could be used the entire day and where comfort is the main point. They designed a mattress provided with aircomponents: the Dormair mattress!

Dormair mattress – always your personal comfort

The goal of the company is to aim for optimal comfort for everyday life. That’s why we closely monitor the international market trends. Because of the international network we build, we’re well informed on new products that deliver a contribution to our goals. In 2004 the company decided that the time was there to put their knowledge and experience into products other than just mattresses. Now there are two new products produced by Solidus Systems: Spacer Fabric and Gel Sheets.

The comfort of air in your product?

Our airsystems are created out of a custom shaped air core, pump systems and a remote control. The development of the systems has always been focused on both durability and comfort. The durability of the systems is so that even under heavy circumstances, the core and the system will still function properly. Our systems are in many cases “build” within the foam of mattresses. This means that the core has to be fully trustworthy so the system lasts at least the lifespan of a mattress. A very solid product is the result. Comfort is the most important component in rating the quality of use. During the development of our systems the focus of comfort is always: “A crack free, noiseless system in which the ideal pressure distribution of the body is obtained.” The result is remarkable.


Sleeping on air

Mattresses with a core of air give maximum sleeping comfort. The air core created by Solidus Systems is adjustable to the users wish. With the built in low voltage pump, the user controls the air core with less or more airpressure. That way the comfort of the mattress is adjustable to the users wishes using just a remote control. These systems, created by Solidus Systems, are being used in Dormair® mattresses.

Dormair means sleeping on air

Sleeping on a Dormair mattress means sleeping on air. The unique bedded air system gives a remarkably comfortable feeling. The air core provides optimal support for the body. Sleeping on air reduces pressure on your body and gives the body rest. Dormair mattresses combine sleeping on air with the freedom of choice for personal comfort. Three air segments (head, body, and feet) are independently customizable. It is up to you to choose for a stronger or softer mattress. The silent, built in low voltage pump automatically provides the support of your choice. Every segment is changeable in just ten steps. The systems remembers your most comfortable settings and checks this every time you activate the Dormair system. The Dormair air core mattress – always your own personal comfort.

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Dormair determines quality

Sleeping and resting on air has more than proved itself in the medical market. Air has proved to be the ideal pressure distributer for the spine, pelvis, and limbs. The benefits of sleeping on air have now found their way to the bedroom. Thanks to the combination and structure of the Dormair system the mattresses have a stabilized air core. A mattress with a Dormair system can tolerate high forces without getting damaged or breaking. Even under extreme, unnatural circumstances, a Dormair mattress stays fully functional and continues to function smoothly. Dormair determines quality. The mattresses are provided with a low-voltage pump that is silent and doesn’t produce any heat. This technique makes it possible to integrate the pump into the mattress. A very comfortable, yet also safe solution! The decisive faction in quality is of course the air core as well. Both the design as well as the quiet material provides a comfort that remains unmatched.


Dormair has demands when it comes to comfort

Years of development have resulted in the perfectly balanced mattress. This can be seen in the combination of materials and techniques. The operation of air is supported by selecting the proper types of foam. The air that surrounds your body is a combination of HR and visco-elastic (memory) foam. This provides optimal ventilation combined with excellent pressure distribution. Research shows the pressure-lowering effect of a Dormair mattress is extraordinary thanks to its unique composition. The unique comfort is literally embedded into the core of the Dormair mattress. In order to fully enjoy the mattress, there’s also been paid a lot of attention to the outside of the mattress. Extremely comfortable, removable, quilted cover gives the exact feeling one can expect from a mattress. The combination of air and material provide a high quality product.


Dormair does more with air

The unique systems that are used in the Dormair mattresses are flexible and versatile. This has the result that there is a growing demand for the Dormair systems. Mattress manufacturers worldwide engaged in the discovery of air as a new convenience product. The Dormair system offers the ideal solution.


Throughout the years, research and development of the technique in combination with the material appears to be the best. We will gladly share the experience we have with assembling complete mattresses that have our Dormair airsystem. As a result, Dormair airsystems combine effortlessly and effectively with mattresses form other manufacturers. The result is, of course, a very comfortable mattress with the right combination of foam, interior design, and air technology. We have succeeded in completing the development of an pressure-alternating air system. This system offers a lot of possibilities in both the private and semi-medical market. Are you interested in our current, of our future systems? We’d love to keep you up to date!


Abnormal forms and application of our products are listed as specials. These are mostly our project-based activities. This allows us to explore the possibilities we have with our current knowledge, resources, and materials. Solidus Systems develops and manufactures products to the specific wishes and needs of clients. The development is done in close collaboration with our clients. For example, we have developed products for various companies and projects that were fully customized to the use of said clients. Do you believe your product deserves higher comfort than it can currently provide? Wouldn’t you prefer to use our knowledge of air, foam, Spacer Fabric, pumping systems, and design?

With specials, we keep raising the bar for Solidus

An example of one of our projects is our participation in the development of the “Auto in de Toekomst”, or Car of the Future. This car was on display at the Auto Rai. For this project, Solidus Systems created the car seats, equipped with a Solidus Systems air system and lined with Spacer Fabric. By applying the air core in the chair, a comfortable and functional product was created.

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